Friday, September 5, 2008

Welcome back, students!

Labor Day weekend is officially over, and with it, summer has ended. That means one thing in the world of tribal colleges: back-to-school time!

Whether you are a new student this year or returning to complete your education after a hiatus or are headed towards the final stretch to earning your degree, I want to personally congratulate you for the strength and wisdom it took to enroll in college. Your education will be a constant companion with you throughout your life. You may lose your job, material possessions, or even struggle with illness. But once you have an education, no one can ever take that away from you. It will inform who you are, how you view the world, and how you walk upon this earth. It will impact your children, your extended family, and your partner.

You have embarked on a great personal and community journey. By choosing a higher education, you reflect well upon yourself and your people. Congratulations and good luck. Study hard, ask the hard questions, and never doubt yourself or give up and you will succeed on your journey!


Native Pride said...

I found your blog googling Native American Heritage day. I really enjoyed reading it. Would also like to tell you that my brother and I are the first to go to college in my family. We come from a very large family, born on a rez. Were Ojibway from northern WI. My son is going to college too. I'm disabled now but got a nursing degree in 1997. I'm 51 and enjoyed going back to school. I'm a high school drop out and married at 16. My education still is one of the proudest thing I ever did. A lot of things were taken from during my life, but my education stays with me forever!

Rick Williams said...

Thanks for your comment, Native Pride, and congratulations on your achievement. You are right: you can never lose or have an education taken from you. You are a wonderful role model for our Native people.

Rick Williams