Wednesday, November 17, 2010

American Indian College Fund's New Blog and Web Site Has Launched!

The American Indian College Fund web site has been redesigned with a new, mod¬ern look and feel and opportunities to interact more with both students and the American Indian College Fund as it pursues its mission to provide scholarships to Native students and support the nation’s tribal college sand universities.

The site will continue to offer multiple social media opportunities for students and donors to follow the American Indian College Fund’s work and weigh in about Native education issues, as well as student and alumni success stories.

As part of the redesign, the site will offer a special portal to connect our corporate and tribal donors with students and alumni. Native students and alumni will be able to share their stories and videos, apply for scholarships, learn more about the support of our tribal and corporate donors, and seek job and internship opportunities. Our new blog will also appear on this site. You can view the new design at the same url,

Our blog now appears at

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